TYPE H CAMPERVAN - 76.000 € (VAT Incl.) - ready for delivery

Base van FIAT 140 cv - CHAUSSON V 690 VIP

Chausson V 690 VIP (https://www.chausson-camper.it/gamme/vans/): chassis FIAT 35 engine140 cv

73.120 €

Chrome pack

1.300 + VAT

Colour: grey “Campovolo”

1.500 € + VAT



Pack connect: DAB/Bluetooth car radio with touch screen and steering wheel controls and rear camera

1.990 € + VAT

LED daytime running lights (DRL)

Cab blackout blinds

Flush windows

Fog lamps

Chrome tachometer surround

Leather-covered steering wheel and gear lever

Solar panel


Manual cab air conditioning

Driver + passenger airbag

Height-adjustable swivel cab seats with double armrests

Cab mats

Speed governor and limiter


Interior finishes:

Bedsystem: 2/3 beds electric single bed at the back and folding roof with double bed

Reinforced LED lighting

Shower enclosure

Premium kitchen worktop

Premium furniture & textiles

Heating using vehicle fuel that can be used while driving with programmable digital control

Large sliding drawers in the kitchen


Mosquito net door

Electric step

Exterior lighting

VPS insulation

USB socket

Gas refrigerator 12V/230V



79.000 € VAT included

Final price TYPE HG CAMPERVAN (demo 8000km)

76.000 € VAT included

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